Mobile Computing

In first semester of my final year at the University of Liverpool, I studied the module Mobile Computing. The assignments for this involved learning to use the Swift programming language to program iOS apps using XCode.

The first assignment was to draw in json-encoded data on various research articles and use this data within the app. The data given included the title, authors, a link to the pdf of the article etc, and had to be separated  into the relevant variables for use within the app. The Swift programming language has some unusual features which were useful here.

Apple’s Core Data was also useful as a ‘favourites’ button could be used to select and deselect favourite articles, which would be maintained between sessions.


The second assignment used the same ideas for an Artworks app, but with the additional inclusion of images, maps, and location data. Each artwork had associated coordinates which were used to place an annotation on the map. The artworks were also ordered by distance from the user’s current location, and Apple conventions, such as requesting to use location services, were implemented.


The final coursework for this module was simply a portfolio of simple apps such as a multiplication tables app, a ‘favourite places’ map application, and a ‘To Do’ list app (using Core Data).


The content of this course was also fascinating. It covered everything from cell networks and handover types to the rise of m-commerce and the challenges in developing for mobile vs desktop systems.

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