Being in Final Year

Something which I really enjoy about final year is the way that my degree is coming together. My dissertation uses skills from my Scripting Languages module and all of the Databases modules, as well as Human Computer Interfaces in first year, and even things I’ve picked up from projects outside of uni such as My Game Theory and Formal Methods modules only mean anything to me because of Foundations of Computer Science and Logic in Computer Science. My modules this semester: Formal Methods, Multi-Agent Systems, and Advanced Web Technologies, are all so related to one another it’s fascinating. On the first day back, I went from discovering about The Semantic Web in a Web Tech lecture immediately to it being mentioned in Multi-Agent Systems. In one MAS lecture I was confused as to why the lecturer was introducing logic symbols we had just been using as though they were a new topic, until I realised that was in Formal Methods. It’s very nice to feel that none of these are isolated topics and everything can build upon past experiences. When I was studying Game Theory I was just doing it out of interest and for fun, I didn’t think it would be relevant, and yet Nash Equilibria and optimisation techniques are actually pretty important in MAS, so I will find these applications easy to pick up and understand.