Java Programming Language C# Programming Language


I am currently in my first year of study on a Software Development course at the University of Liverpool.
Previously, I studied at KEVI Camp Hill School for Girls in Birmingham- where I took Computing AS-Level in Years 10-11 and A2 in Year 12.


I am learning to use Java, HTML + CSS, and MySQL through University. My first programming language was C#, which made it relatively easy to pick up Java. I also have a little experience of VB.Net, but this is very limited.

As this section is titled 'Languages'...

I also studied Spanish at A-Level, Chinese at Beginner Asset Language Level, and speak some (limited) Hebrew!


I am a quick-learner when facing a new application (for example, I learnt to use the Sage accounting software in one day of work experience).
However, my preferred software is as follows:

I am also proficient in the use of the Microsoft Office Package and OpenOffice/LibreOffice Packages, and have some experience with the TeXworks Software.

Miriam Jennings (u6mj), University of Liverpool, March 2017