Prospects for Leaving Uni

I have been terrified of the idea of leaving education for a long time. The idea that I just have to go out into the world and find someone who wants me to work for them so that I can get money to live is scary. However, since meeting Bourban last year, I have really been looking forward to my future.

I am very proud of him for securing a place at Abertay University to study for an MProf in Games Development  and although it’s scary to move all the way up to Dundee next year, it has given me direction and a better feeling of certainty about what the future holds. I can now narrow my job search to the area in and around Dundee, and have the motivation of supporting the both of us for the year which makes me much more enthusiastic about the world of work.

Since I’ve never had an official salaried job, I never realised how much experience I have. From helping with various office and accounting tasks at my dad’s job all my life, to assisting on a website project for my brother’s company, making Bourban’s and my own wordpress sites, and various favours such as modernising , I have plenty of work experience – I just never seemed to count it as work since I was just helping people out.

I know that I will miss uni but I am also unbelievably excited to go out there into the great wide world and get on with it.