Principles Of C and Memory Management

I was really looking forward to studying ‘Principles of C and Memory Management’. I had very little experience with C but knew that it was a useful language to be proficient in and I had basically no understanding of how memory management worked and thought it vital that I find out. This definitely seemed the module for me.

Unfortunately, this was supposed to be a paired module with ‘Advanced Programming in C’, but that module was over-subscribed and I didn’t manage to get assigned to it, instead taking ‘Scripting Languages‘.

I now know some C, but not much more than I could have studied myself using online tutorials. And the memory management side? I’m not sure that one lecture on using ‘malloc’ and ‘alloc’ is enough to get it into the title…

Overall, I was slightly disappointed with this module, not to mention the marking system for the assignments. :/

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