Panic! At the deadline

I had just submitted my .zip of 7 .java files and a .pdf to the University submission system with 10 minutes to spare and breathed a sigh of relief… Seeing as the deadline hadn’t passed, I decided to just check that all of the files still worked correctly, as I have been working on the extended requirements for the last two days but hadn’t checked the standard ones since completing my test cases. It felt a bit unnecessary but for some reason I felt like I should… to my horror the standard requirements threw errors!

Errors thrown on compilation

The Java compiler is your friend.

On opening the specified files, I realised that when I was working on the extended requirements (at 3am) I momentarily strayed into the original files instead of my (very similar) extended versions.

What I had submitted were some half extended half standard nonsense files!


I quickly fixed the errors and resubmitted in a .zip with THISONE preceding the filename… hopefully the marker will get the message.