I don’t have very much experience of HTML and CSS. I have made mockups of websites a few times using HTML- once when on work experience with Rok Animation, and another time for my A2 Computing Project, and (nerd as I am) probably just for fun too…

But I have never had any particular training in HTML, and I haven’t written any CSS, so I was excited to find that COMP106- Human-Centric Computing- will involve being taught HTML!

I find it a little difficult that many people on my course already have a lot of experience with many things we learn, but I’m a quick learner and it may be better to learn formally from scratch than thinking that I know everything already because I’ve messed around with it and made a website before… I get the impression that, had I ended up at University of Hull rather than Liverpool, I would have actually found it harder to progress as they work in C#, my first (programming) language, whereas here I have retained and built upon my C# knowledge by learning Java too!

Anyway, about to embark upon my first HTML + CSS tutorial, wish me luck!