Embarking on SFML

Although I have very limited experience of C++, I’m finding it easy enough to pick up as I dive into the world of SFML. I want to learn SFML so as to help Bourban with the implementation of a pirate ship game we came up with. Bourban has much more experience in both games programming in general and the use of SFML and C++, but I want to be able to be useful too.

I spent about half an hour on Friday setting up SFML in Visual Studio and following a guide to create a basic program to test that it was all working and get to grips with SFML and C++.

SFML works code

Once I had successfully completed this, I decided to begin writing a game of ‘Pong’ – the ‘Hello¬† World’ of games programming. I found an online guide to get me started… progress reports soon!